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The best career path for most high school seniors is to enroll at a four-year university. Earning your bachelor's degree is usually the best first step in setting up a great career. A bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree from a good college should be attainable in just four years, or even less if you attend summer classes. You can even take classes online. Find out more about earning an undergraduate degree.

Graphic arts is a career path that a lot of art students end up getting into. Graphic design creation is needed by all kinds of different companies and organizations. Students with an art background will develop software skills and learn how to create work that companies need. Check out info on breaking into the graphic design field.

The Seattle, Washington, metro area has several good colleges. Besides UW, there are some solid private colleges and schools you can look into. Learn more about schools in Seattle, or check out some good online options in Washington State.

Not sure if the animation field is for you? How about a career in the culinary arts? There are lots of different jobs out there for someone who knows their way around a kitchen. Click here.

If you live in southern California, you can learn about what a culinary arts education looks like and consider whether it would be right for you.

University considerations alternative training possibilities consist of traditional college choices.
Schools for computer animation start a search for your new field of study.
Additional college options and look at classes in subjects that include history, mathematics, fashion design, criminal justice and more.

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