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Lets look at some other college majors and careers you could consider.

College business schools are still seeing high enrollment. A business degree, especially in the areas of accounting or finance, is still a great door opener for job applicants. Read more about the different business majors and degree options. Business is one of the most common degree programs offered at colleges. There are several very strong college majors offered at the undergraduate level.

Information and computer science graduates are also still finding multiple job offers during their final semester at the better schools. While computer science is not for the student who isn't interested in studying hard, other areas of information technology study can be easier. This site can explain your options.

If you like taking and developing pictures, photography could be your career. While it isn't always easy to make a living as a photographer, many of the people in this field couldn't dream of doing anything else. Read more about photography classes.

Career preparation doesn't have to mean a college degree. Many skilled trades don't require a college diploma. Professions such as electrician, plumber and auto mechanic don't need a college degree. Most of the people making their living in these professions started with a few classes at a vocational or technical school, got their first job, and then learned the rest through on-the-job training. Read more about what it takes to become an auto mechanic.

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